My advise for anyone sat at home is to sign up right now and don’t look back!
It will be the best thing you ever do!

Before I came to RM Fitness I played rugby. I played 1-3 times per week and tried to attend the gym for a further fourth session. However when the rugby stopped, nothing took its place and the weight crept on gradually over time. A year of no idea what to do with my nutrition and not enjoying my commercial gym meant I was eating rubbish and not doing any purposeful exercise.

I came to RM Fitness after my fiancee achieved some amazing results here. I was looking in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. After seeing how well Lisa did, I thought to myself , now its my turn. I want what she has achieved.

So I signed up onto the trial and I knew it was the place for me. The sessions re all mapped out in advanced and its great that I can walk in, not have to think about what to do , and then be coached through all movements with individual attention from the trainers.

The other members are great. We all have a common goal: to get better. It doesn’t who you train alongside, the atmosphere is always awesome, the session intensity is tailored to each individual person rather than everyone trying to lift the same weights as each other, its individual.

Since becoming a member of RM Fitness I have lost 8.5KG (18lb). But not only that I feel so much fitter and healthier for it. The coaches and online resources have helped educate me on my nutrition and now, I have learned how to incorporate the things I love to eat and drink swell as still getting the results.

I feel so much more confident than this time 5 months ago , I now like what I see in the mirror and both me and my fiancé lifestyles have changed for the better. Onwards and upwards to our wedding day!


If you want to test RM Fitness out for yourselves, why not check out our 30 day Trial?