I feel loads fitter and stronger and most importantly I feel loads happier I just wish I’d of done it sooner!

This is what Emma had to say:

I joined RM Fitness just over a year ago because I’d got to the heaviest I had ever been and felt embarrassed about the way I looked and was very unhappy in myself. I knew it was time to make a change and although I had had memberships at commercial gyms I had never been able to get the results I wanted.

I love it at RM because the staff are so friendly and helpful and unlike a commercial gym you don’t need to feel embarrassed or nervous because all the members make you feel very welcome and everyone is supportive. We have the members Facebook group which is great as another level of support and banter etc which can sometimes make me feel gutted if I miss a session and everyone is talking about it in the group! The sessions are great I have never done the same session twice there is lots of variety which is good!

Since joining I have lost 6-7kg I can see how much I have toned up and my clothes fit better. I even managed to get into a pair of shorts that didn’t fit me last year when I bought them!

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