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We are committed to creating an environment that helps individuals of all levels, to conquer and develop both a physical capability and a positive mind-set, leading to improvements in health, body composition and personal outlook.

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Together Stronger

We are more than a gym. We are a community of like-minded people who are striving for one common goal, to get physically and mentally stronger. By surrounding yourself with others who are on the same mission, you’re putting yourself in the right position to succeed.


Power to the people

Giving people the power to succeed

To get started see our 30 day trial. You'll get three sessions a week with experienced coaches that care about you and your progress. They will guide you through every part of the programme, making sure your are getting everything right and making a real long lasting change to your body.




“I wake up feeling positive and excited about the challenges of the day ahead rather than sluggish and anxious and that is all because of RM Fitness! It’s truly a pleasure to be a part of something so amazing.”

Serena Hayes
RM Fitness Manchester Member



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Group training is at the heart of RM Fitness. By surrounding yourself with others who are on the same mission you're putting yourself in the right environment to succeed. Whether you’re new to the gym or you’ve been exercising for years you'll find at RMF that we operate a little differently. We have our own approach – the RMF way.

Provided you have a desire to progress and improve, we’ll coach you through our unique programming and techniques, always explaining why we do it that way. We want to help you learn how to train yourself – that way you have the skills and create the right habits to keep you healthy for life.


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