Take each day on its merits and if one day isn’t great, role it into the next day.

Why I reached out in January?

I reached out to the fellas at RM Fitness because I had seen the results that they were getting with others and I wanted to affect similar changes. Despite being a semi-professional sportsman in my day and still being very active, I struggled to get into and keep good habits and routines. I felt that being accountable to someone else and someone I knew would help kick that. If I was letting other people down, especially Sam, I felt that I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain. There has been no pressure from Sam and the team just encouragement and advice. The other reason that I reached out is because I want to be healthy as I grow older and be here to run around with my kids and grandkids, I want to set a good example to them in what is an ever changing and challenging world for them to grow up in. I wanted to be a really positive role model for them.

Where are you now and how you’ve found it all?

Being someone who has always enjoyed a challenge I have really enjoyed the programme that has been set out for me. It has been varied, fun and achievable. The help with the nutrition has made the biggest difference. I originally weighed in at 103 but I am now down to 84. Never in my dreams did I think I would be able to hold that weight off but I have through Sam’s support and advice around calories etc. The main thing is that I now have a grasp of what I am eating. I enjoy a beer, a pizza and eat out etc, but when I do I make sensible choices, I calorie count for the week rather than 1 day which affords me days when I can indulge, and after a night when I have eaten too well, I have learnt to fast until midday the following day which has helped no end. I have never felt like it’s getting too much and thrown in the towel.

Biggest message to take on board.

Train as hard as you want but if the calorie intake isn’t right it won’t work and you will end up back where you started. Take each day on its merits and if one day isn’t great, role it into the next day. Training wise, don’t go too hard too early and burn out, not every day has to be a personal best. And, finally, don’t cut out carbs completely, your body needs them.

Great Job Phil!

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GENERALRuss Meadows