There’s a Costa pretty much everywhere you go now. Train stations. Service Stations.
High Streets. Shopping centres. Supermarkets.

“Do you fancy a quick Costa?” “Ahhhh go on then”.

Whilst there are some calorific options on the menu (*cough* Large Chai latte (whole milk) 521 kcals and layered carrot cake 593 kcals) Costa has added some pretty decent low calorie and low sugar options.

Here are my top picks from the current summer menu:

  1. Coconut and Watermelon Fruit Cooler – a bit like a slush puppy and tastes a bit like a Pina colada (small) 88 kcals

  2. Cold brew with whipped milk foam – strong cold coffee perfect for a caffeine fix (small, skimmed milk) 15 kcals

  3. Coffee Frostino – yep a Frostino still makes this list, just avoid the extra syrup and whipped cream and ask for a ‘skinny’ option if you’re trying to save cals (small with skimmed milk) 96 kcals

  4. Vanilla milk whip – tastes like a thick milkshake (small) 74 kcals

  5. Espresso/Americano – classic caffein fix options with no guilt (small, no milk) 6 calories

  6. Iced Chocolate/Iced Mocha – tastes naughty but of you have for ‘skinny’ options with skimmed milk and no sugar it actually comes in pretty ok (small, skimmed milk) 148 kcals

  7. Iced latte – classic latte but with half the calories (small, skimmed milk, no syrup) 62 kcals

  8. Iced cappuccino – one of my favourites (small, skimmed milk) 59 kcals

  9. Iced Americano – a refreshing version of your regular takeaway coffee, although I like them so much I ask for it in winter (small, no milk) 40 kcals

  10. White cold brew – strong cold coffee with a dash of milk or whipped cold foam (medium, skimmed milk) 16 kcals

Swapping your usual coffee choice for one of the lower calorie options could make a real difference if you’re trying to lose weight.

What’s your usual coffee shop treat?

Coach Kate

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