Going back nearly 5 years I got weighed at a hospital appointment and I was 101kg, I was in a bad place physically and mentally.

I knew I needed to do something, I tried 2 commercial gyms but I had no motivation to train by myself, I was used to training and playing in a team environment. And to be honest I didn’t know what I was doing. I heard about RM Fitness from a few lads I played 5aside with and I though i’d give it a go and get out of my comfort zone.

I didn’t know anyone when I first joined in and the first few sessions were tough but slowly but surely I got into it. You don’t just become a number, the coaching is great, they listen, get to know you and help you out. I’ve had problems with my shoulder and needed to take time out but the coaches helped adapt my training and nutrition to suit what I could do. It’s like a big family, everyone helps and encourages you, doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or been training for years. I’ve made some really great mates since joining and it’s a fun hard working environment.

I’ve learnt not just how to do exercises correctly with the right technique but also about what I eat and drink, it’s not just a quick fix, where you cut everything, I know how to balance the calories I consume against the amount of training I do. I’m fitter now than when I was playing sport regularly.

I’m down to 78kg, clothes sizes have gone from XL to having buy mediums this week! I’ve done 5k and 10k runs, and i’m not a fan of running! I just feel fitter, stronger, brighter and have a lot more confidence in myself. I still get butterflies before each session, but i’m enjoying it more than ever and having fun with some awesome people. I’m glad I got away from the negativity and gave it a shot, best thing i’ve ever done.

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