I was one of them people who went to a commercial gym, but didn’t really have much structure around my training sessions. I’d go and fit exercises around how busy each of the areas were.

If I went in with doing a chest session in mind, and all the benches were full, I’d struggle to adapt my workout and would often cut it short. I also knew there was no accountability and if I skipped a gym session, then it didn’t really matter, which led me to feel frustrated, particularly with the progress, or lack of, which I was making. I wasn’t particularly unfit, but certainly felt like I could have progressed more, which is why I started at RM Fitness. I knew the lack of progress was also down to my nutrition, and it was again frustrating as I wasn’t really in the know as to how to change this, in order to help with my progression in the gym.

Unlike my sessions in a commercial gym, the sessions are structured, well planned and you always feel like you get a good workout. Variety is what makes the process at RM Fitness enjoyable and certainly has helped me in terms of making some progress towards my overall goals. All of the coaches are invested in the group sessions, but are also invested in you on an individual level, and this has helped me to think about what it is that I really want to achieve, and they’ve put support in place to help me move towards this. I’d definitely say that the other members are what made me realise that it was a group training environment which would help me to improve. Training with like minded people who are also up for a laugh outside of the sessions has made the whole process one which I want to continue with. Dare I even coin the cringe phrase of, “I’ve made a close knit group of mates inside and outside of the gym.”


In the first 6 months of me attending RM Fitness I’ve certainly seen massive improvements in my strengths, which is certainly down to the consistency in attending at least 4 sessions a week. I generally go by how I look in the mirror as opposed to stepping on the scales and I have definitely seen a change in my body in terms of putting on more muscle and being a bit more in shape. My Fitness has improved too. In 2017 I completed my first 100 mile cycle in 7 hours and 20 minutes, something which I completed a year later in 5 hours and 40 minutes. Overall positive progress made to date but there’s definitely more to improve on.

Before starting at RM Fitness I felt frustrated with the lack of progress I was making. I also felt like attending the gym was a chore as opposed to something I enjoyed which definitely didn’t help in terms of motivating me to attend. Now I’m enjoying my training sessions and with the support of the coaches and other members, feel I’m definitely making progress. I feel a lot more accountable now for my training which I certainly didn’t feel before, and I’m looking forward to seeing what further progress I can make, particularly in terms of my strength and fitness.


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