10 tips to get your coffee shop fix without the guilt.

  1. Ask for a “skinny” option made with  skimmed milk or soy. For example, a small/primo Costa skinny latte with skimmed milk has just 66 kcals as opposed to 132 kcals when made with whole milk.

  2. Skip the cream and save 130 kcals or ask the Barista to only add a small amount.

  3. Ask for sugar free syrup and save 40-50 kcals.

  4. Skip the sugar syrup altogether or ask the Barista to put in less pumps.

  5. Ditch adding sugar or opt for a no calorie sweetener such as Stevia.

  6. Order a small size of your favourite drink.

  7. Opt for a black Americano (hot or iced) or Cold Brew for one of the lowest calorie options. Or ask for a splash of skimmed milk to keep it under 50 kcals.

  8. Avoid the sugary Frappuccinos and Frostinos that clock up around 300-600 kcals each.

  9. Opt to “stay in” often the drink sizes are slightly smaller than the takeaway cups so are lower in calories. For example a small Costa cappuccino made with skimmed milk is 60 kcals to stay in and 70 kcals to go.

  10. Say no to the chocolate dusting on your cappuccino/mocha (which is often mixed with sugar granules) and save an extra 40 kcals.  Add flavour with low calorie options such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

What’s your favourite coffee shop treat?

Coach Kate

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