If you think you’re eating healthily but aren’t seeing the results that you want – these could be some of the reasons why…

If you eat the same size portions as your partner.
We’re all different shapes and sizes with different goals and we all need different amounts of food. It’s also a basic fact that men need more calories than women. A 6ft guy is going to need more calories than a 5ft 6 female. On the other hand one of you might be looking to lose weight and the other looking to build muscle and so you’ll need different amounts of food. So why do so many of us serve up the same size dinner portions in the evening? Try adjusting your portion sizes and you might see a difference.

If you finish off your children’s food.
Everyone hates waste but you don’t need to hoover up those leftovers and take the extra calorie hit. Those extra bites here and there and that extra tiny plate of food soon add up and you could easily be adding 200+kcals a day. Try making smaller portions if there are always leftovers and don’t be afraid to throw them away if they leave them.

If you cave easily to peer pressure.
You might have only popped out for a coffee with your friend. You choose a skinny drink option but now they’re ordering a cake! That doesn’t mean that you have to though. Stay strong and don’t be afraid to turn down the cake if you weren’t planning to have it. Save those 300-500kcals for when you want to have a treat.

If you automatically finish packets of food off to save leaving that “little bit” in the packet.
You’ve carefully weighed out 75g of pasta for your dinner but there’s just a little bit left in the packet. It feels wrong leaving that tiny amount so you tip it in the pan too. In a few seconds you’ve upped your portion to 100g and added an extra 90kcals to your meal! Don’t worry about leaving a small amount in the packet.

If you regularly go for a second helping/ finish off leftovers.
You might have made a huge lasagne and dished up a healthy size portion. It tastes soooo good though that you’ve polished it off and you’re already heading back for a second portion. If you’re regularly doing this it’s easy to over eat by 300-600kcals just in one meal.

Look out for these small ways that you could be overeating and wiping out your hard work!

Coach Kate

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