So you’ve got in from work and had a S*%T day! The boss has been on your case, you feel stressed and the bottle of wine that was opened yesterday (when you felt exactly the same) is calling your name… so you drain it get into bed and wait for this process to repeat itself tomorrow…



A few weeks / months down the line you look in the mirror and it hits you!… “I don’t like what I see…I need to change!”

You join a gym, hire a trainer, start eating better now when you get in from work… you reach for your gym bag!!! A few months down the line you look in the mirror and it hits you!… “I look and feel AWESOME… can’t wait to go on holiday its been well worth the time and investment!”…

You go on holiday and stroll down the beach with your head held high!!! What a feeling….

When you return home…the gym can wait… I’ve got to catch up with work… I’ve not got to have a beach body for another year… I’ll maintain it…keep it ticking over… “ill start again next week”!

The days, weeks and months roll by then you look in the mirror…. What do you see?

Check out this video on ‘Habits’ and how we need to re-vist our goals, make conscious decisions to create the outcomes we want… Its a 365 process.

Habits….YOU have to make it happen!…BOSH!!!

Sam (Team RMF)

GENERALRuss Meadows