You need to fuel the fire.

Designed to support your training whether you are a RM Fitness member or member of another gym. We have designed two packages to help you on the road to Reaching Maximum Fitness. Find out more below:



One off fee £130 includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss current diet, lifestyle and goals (face to face).

  • Detailed InBody Scan performed to assess current body composition and health markers.

  • Provided with personalised nutritional plan with example days e.g training/non-training/weekend.

  • Individual calorie/macro-nutrient calculations.

  • Supplement recommendation.

  • Check in after 30 days to discuss progress.



£100 P/Mth to existing members (In addition to regular membership). £250 P/mth for non members.

  • Includes all nutrition plan package features.

  • 1-1 coached nutrition with your own nutritionist to support you along the programme.

  • Ongoing education around how to cook, prepare food and manage your own nutrition long term.

  • Weekly accountability and progress review by email. 

  • Followed by weekly assessment to discuss progress/difficulties and answer questions (30 minutes by phone or by appointment at Manchester gym).

  • Tailored nutritional support which is continually reviewed to assess response to your current plan and provide opportunities to modify and refine calories and macros as necessary.


“I’ve learnt not just how to do exercises correctly with the right technique but also about what I eat and drink, it’s not just a quick fix, where you cut everything, I know how to balance the calories I consume against the amount of training I do.”



Interested in Nutrition Coaching?

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